Charles Raven: Evolution of an Anglican Modernist

Charles Raven(1885-1964) was a prominent Anglican divine and distinguished naturalist who wrote influentially on religious and national issues in the inter-war period. He was, unusually, a leftist, a pacifist and a feminist.

For Paul’s essay on Raven, the man and writer, see under Blog on his website dpcrook.wordpress. com.

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The Quaker Astrophysicist: A. S. Eddington and The Seekers after Truth

Arthur S Eddington

I have finally finished my little piece on Eddington, who famously tried to reconcile science and religion. Both were attempting to seek out the Inner Light of Truth (in Quaker terms). See what you think. Click on above for my Blog on my website dpcrook. wordpress. com.

Lancelot Hogben: A Difficult Hero

Hogben was an eminent biologist, radical scientist, an outspoken opponent of Nazi race theory and eugenics, a Quaker pacifist in the First World War, a feminist  and an awkward and difficult personality. For Paul’s essay on this intriguing character, see Paul’s essay on his website

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