Hilaire Belloc on the Crisis of Civilization

Hilaire Belloc

Why was western civilization in dire decline? Hilaire Belloc asked this question and gave his analysis in his book The Crisis of Civilization (1937). He sheets most of the blame to those great historical explosions, the Reformation and the rise of modern capitalism. They together had undermined the moral fabric of Christendom and led to widespread poverty, dependence and wage-slavery, which in turn led to resistance movements such as communism. He urged a return to medieval ideals of community and Christian love.

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Ronald Knox Jousts with Heavyweights Huxley and Russell


In his 1934 book Broadcast Minds Ronald Knox took on prominent public intellectuals Julian Huxley, Bertrand Russell and others, using his cutting wit and sarcasm to destroy their arguments against Christianity. I have added a section on Broadcast Minds to my essay on Knox (click above). Welcome comments.

Ronald Knox: Satirist and Defender of the Faith


Ronald Knox (1888-1957) was well known as a public intellectual of his time, a prolific writer, speaker and outspoken critic of the growing secularisation of the western world. Son of the evangelical Bishop of Manchester, Ronald was a brilliant classical scholar at Eton and Balliol College, Oxford. Sadly, he lost most of his close friends in the Great War of 1914-18. An Anglican priest, he converted to Catholicism in 1917, and despite finding the English Catholic world unfamiliar and challenging, he made his way up the hierarchy, translating the New Testament and becoming a monsignor.

In this essay I look at two of his books: Caliban in Grub Street (1930) and Enthusiasm (1950), the last being his “Big Book”, a lifelong study of Christian heresies. Click on Knox above.

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Caliban in Grub Street: Ronald Knox

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In his book with the above title (1930) the Catholic theologian and popular writer Ronald Knox makes a scathingly satirical and clinically logical dissection of the misconceptions and errors of a number of literary figures and intellectuals of the 1920s. They had been contributing to a series of “symposia” on religion that appeared in the popular press of the time (Grub Street as it was nicknamed).